Friday, 28 November 2008

Media Starlet!

I haven't updated this for ages, mainly because Hannah is essentially weaned now - she's tucking into our meals quite happily, and I'm not doing anything special for her. She's also not coming across new foods in the same numbers as she was towards the beginning, so it's tough to find something interesting to say!

BUT - Gill Rapley's book Baby Led Weaning was launched early in November, and I'm pleased to report that not only is Hannah included in the book (there's a picture of her and Neil eating falafel in there) but she also makes a mucky appearance on the related website,, in the gallery - she's the one covered in spaghetti hoops! We went to the book launch at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green a couple of weekends ago, Hannah had fun showing off her BLW skills to all the other BLWers who were there:

Hannah has fairly recently got the hang of dunking, and ever since has taken to eaten fromage frais by scooping it out of the pot with fingers of toast, breadsticks, vegetable fingers, whatever else she's got to hand of an appropriate shape. She's ever-improving with her fork and spoon, and likes having both so that she can copy me and Neil at the dinner table. Oh, and Neil showed her how to do "cheers" with her sippy cup the other week, and ever since we've had to do cheers at every single meal. Yep, with mugs of coffee at breakfast, with a bottle of water at lunchtime, you name it! She just sits in her highchair saying "cheese" (well that's what it sounds like) and holding out her cup to be clonked.
I haven't got any weaning specific pics of late, so here's a couple of random ones to keep you going :o) First there's Hannah and Neil, engrossed in something on the telly, then there's Hannah modelling this seasons toddler fashions: Motherease Airflow Savannah nappy wrap, pink top from H&M, beautifully set off by flowery, sparkly wellies.