Saturday, 31 May 2008

It's late it's late it's late!

Hannah's eaten all sorts of things since the last update. She's had shredded wheat bitesize for breakfast every day, and for lunch she's seen the welcome return of lentil pate, spread on rice cakes, along with some organix carrot sticks, melon, and fromage frais. Yesterday she had pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese, and today there was a cheese and tomato sandwich. All fairly popular, especially the pasta option.

For dinner, she's had eggy bread as a quick option after we got home from playing at William's house (where she also tried a bit of William's birthday cake, and definitely approved!).

Tonight she ate a slice of pizza, two bits of garlic bread, a sugar free muffin (here's the recipe), plus about half a fromage frais. She loved the muffin, once she had it in her hand she basically didn't let go until it had all gone. We thought they were quite nice, too!

I'm sure there was lots of other stuff too - organix gingerbread men, raisins, lots of slices of melon, a couple of pears, but I'm afraid my memory fails me.

I do have pics to add, but can't find the cable so will get back to you on that one...and Hannah's just woken up crying, gtg!
Hurrah! Pics of pizza, and the banana muffin are below now I've figured out how to work the camera...

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Grrr American food labelling

It was shredded wheats for breakfast again this morning, Hannah definitely prefers them once they've had a chance to soak up a fair bit of milk though. So that they're more mushy than crunchy, IYKWIM? And who can blame her, to be honest!

Lunch today was sausage in red wine and onion sauce (not too much sauce for Hannah though), along with boiled potatoes, peas and sweetcorn. Lots of peas and sweetcorn spread over the floor by the simple means of smacking two hands down onto the high chair tray with some gusto (grrr). The potatoes and sausage both got hoovered up though, as did two slices of melon for pudding.

For dinner Hannah had a rice cake with a cheese triangle on, a breadstick (mostly on the floor at the end of the meal), some carrot sticks, a banana, two chocolate biscotti, and an organix fruit compote. She ate all of the banana, although it was interspersed with the biscotti and apparently they go very nicely together.

During the day she also ate a gingerbread man, some raisins, and what I thought was a strawberry chewy snack thing but which turned out to be a strawberry flavoured jelly sweet. Good job I only gave her one before I tried them myself! And grrr at the americans for calling them Fruit Snacks on the packet! Actual quantity of fruit = pretty close to zero from what I could tell. They tasted nice though, me and Neil ate the rest! :o)

And finally, here's a pic of Hannah and Daddy reading a library book together. I think you'll find that's (still) not her bear:

All together now...aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A swingingly good time

Breakfast today was more shredded wheat, once again Hannah ate absolutely tons of them - although she wasn't so keen on the ones that hadn't soaked up a fair amount of milk. Tomorrow I think she can have more milk on the cereal, to moisten them a bit more.

For lunch she ate beans on toast, along with part of a whole pear. The pear was a bit crunchy, rather than juicy, so she didn't make all that much progress with it despite managing to eat chunks out of the side and top. Beans were a popular choice, and she even managed quite a bit of the toast, too. Pre lunch she finished an open bag of cheesy poofs - well there were only four of them left!

Apparently beans on toast can be quite tiring though:

Dinner was a cheese triangle sandwich, two slices of melon, and a raspberry fromage frais. Hannah seemed really hungry though so as well as all that she also managed three or four apple rice cakes and a fistful of raisins. Didn't have time to cook anything for dinner, as we were late back from the park where we'd been playing on the swings, slide and dog onna spring (well only Hannah went on the first two, and I only went on the latter with her because she was refusing to hold on!).

Monday, 26 May 2008

Nothing exciting to report

Shredded wheats for breakfast again this morning, followed by a lunch of cheese and onion omelette with a tomato cut into segments, and some strawberries. Hannah didn't like sharing "her" strawberries with me and Neil though, at least to start with.

For dinner we had a quorn fillet cut in half and spread with pesto and a slice of mozzerella baked in a tomato sauce with more mozzerella slices on top. Hannah had potato wedges with hers, which I sprinkled with a bit of cumin and they seemed to go down very well indeed.

However I forgot to take photos again, so here's a random one instead:

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Travelling, teething (again) and a sniffle

Well it's been a busy day, but lots of it was sat in a car - three hours or so in fact. We set off after breakfast, when Hannah ate shredded wheats again (the usual tons of). She also ate a gingerbread man in the car, plus some organix animal biscuits.

Lunch was shortly after we got home, and was a cheese and tomato sandwich - Hannah didn't eat very much of it, she was tired as she didn't nap well in the car.

For dinner she ate some shepherd's pie (leftovers from Grandma's house), and part of a fromage frais. Pre-dinner she snacked on some cheesy poofs and a couple of gingerbread men.

No pics today though, sorry!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Beside the seaside, beside the sea

Hannah had her first trip to the seaside on Thursday, we went to Llandudno to visit her great grandma who provided a lunch of dairylea sandwich, tomato segments, and two enormous bowls of strawberries that Hannah polished off without batting an eyelid. She also ate some organix crisps that I'd brought along. After lunch we went for a walk, Hannah played on the swings near the west shore then we took her on the beach for a little paddle. She was surprised by the waves to start with, and they must have tickled her feet because she giggled nearly the whole time we were there...

Breakfast on Thursday was bitesize shredded wheat again, and dinner when we got back from Wales was pasta filled with goats cheese and red pepper. Hannah liked the filling, but we think the pasta might have been too slippery to pick up, as she ignored it. She ate a few more strawberries, three slices of melon and a few more organix crisps instead.

Yesterday started with mini shredded wheats for breakfast again, she didn't eat much for lunch as the pizza on offer had pizza oil on the top and Hannah thought it was a bit spicy. She had some other odds and ends instead, including some strawberries, two biscotti and an organix compote. Dinner was eggy bread and she made up for not having eaten much at lunch, following it up with two chocolate digestives, the last few strawberries, and more than a cup full of water.

Today, she's eaten even more mini shredded wheats, followed by a cheese and pate sandwich, some cherry tomatoes, and half a tin of rice pudding. Dinner was sausage and mash, followed by more rice pudding, this time with a bit of raspberry jam mixed through. She ate an enormous pile of mash, some of it via a spoon, and drank lots of water along with it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More news about teeth...

Grandparents have taken over early morning Hannah duty - which is fab, I've had more lie-ins this week than I have since she was born! And I'm told she's eaten quantities of cheerios and mainly shredded wheat bitesize with a few grapes and suchlike thrown in for good measure.

Lunch yesterday was round at Aunty Jo's house, she kindly provided some roasted veggies - sweet potato, standard potato, and butternut squash. She also had a Heinz chocolate biscotti and a few halved grapes for good measure. Oh, and as George was eating first (we were doing shifts with the high chair) she was also placated with a few organix sweetcorn rings before the meal itself. And in other news she may have had a first taste of mince. Possibly. George was eating chilli, and Hannah was mooching round the kitchen when she discovered that there was food on George's lap. So obviously she helped herself to some, and even seemed to like it. I knew her learning to walk would come back to haunt us sooner or later... ;o)

Today's lunch was tomatoes with pesto and mozzerella, plus some ciabatta bread. She ate lots of it, and was offered a peach for pudding, which she threw on the floor. Eventually she swapped her peach for George's (Aunty Jo and George were visiting again!) banana bread and both babies were happy. You can find the recipe for the banana bread here on Aitch's blog.

Dinner yesterday was a sandwich I think - my memory is faulty, sorry! Today, Hannah ate a pile of falafel, half a pitta bread (originally served with falafel in, but treated as a seperate item by madam), a rapsberry fromage frais, a few strawberries, and a slice of melon.

And more news on the teeth front too. We now have two halves of molars. Sadly, not belonging to the same tooth, so there's clearly more work to do...she has been lots better over the past couple of days though, for example actually going to bed of an evening at a reasonable time and not getting up again (well I've jinxed it now...).

There will be photos added here, once Aunty Jo bothers emailing me copies as they're all on her camera.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Babies who lunch

Hannah and George had lunch together today, which was nice - the grandparents steered well clear though, and left Jo and me to manage the carnage of pasta and sauce. Which was not that bad really, all things considered.

And it was all going so well:

Hannah had bitesize shredded wheat for breakfast yesterday, and a mixture of those and cheerios for breakfast today. I'm told that she was much keener on the shredded wheat - I'd report it myself, but I was having a lie in and the grandparents were in charge, hurrah!

Dinner today was a hummus and tomato sandwich, a packet of cheesy poofs, a slice of melon and a strawberry fromage frais. Her arms were too tired to work the spoon again for the fromage frais, and she only managed about a third of the melon slice before giving up and chucking it on the floor.

Yesterday for dinner she ate a pitta bread filled with hummus and falafel. She really liked the falafel, and having only started with a couple of them she ended up eating everything that was available. She also had an organix apple and blueberry compote (which was very nice, I tried a bit!).

In other news, Hannah has been a nightmare going to bed for the past three nights, and this evening I found half of one of the four molars she's trying to grow has cut through the gum. I'm hoping that this means we're over a teething hump and there'll be some respite over the next few evenings, but somehow I doubt it... She's also taken to drinking the best part of a sippy cup full of water in her bedroom before going into her cot of an evening, I think that the cool water helps soothe her gums.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sorry Daddy, I like celery!

Yep, Neil has gone to the States with work for a week and before he'd even landed Hannah had been fed celery by her grandma. And liked it, too! It made a very loud crunch as she bit down on it, which was marvellously entertaining.

As well as celery, today Hannah ate cheerios and cranberry wheats for breakfast in combination - caused by the fact that we've now run out of both. Good job we're now at Grandma's and she's been shopping. Then we travelled up to mum and dad's, Hannah ate three organix gingerbread men in the car as we hit a bit of traffic that delayed lunch a tad.

Lunch was potato wedges, I put some creme fraiche and chives dip on one of them but Hannah didn't seem all that impressed so I ate the dip with my wedges instead :o) She had a banana for pudding, and ate about half of it - the rest ended up on the floor.

For dinner she had two slices of vegetable quiche, plus some salad bits (including the celery!). The quiche was more or less completely demolished, and for pudding she had two slices of melon, plus a raspberry fromage frais. Swiftly followed by a strawberry fromage frais - she seemed to be starving, poor girl apparently never gets fed! Bizarrely she couldn't be bothered to operate her own spoon today and when I presented the loaded spoon to her as normal, just leant forward with an open mouth to receive the fromage frais. It was very odd, and I'm not very practised at feeding her, I normally delegate the task! It did turn out to be quite a lot tidier than child-operated cutlery though so I can see the benefits.

And in a late update (10pm ish) Hannah woke up shortly after going to bed and ended up having a second bottle of milk as well as teething gel, calpol, ibuprofen, and anything else I could think of. I don't know whether this is a continuation of her 12 months growth spurt, whether travelling for 3 hours in the car worked up her appetite, or whether moving from formula onto cow's milk before bed is what's done it, but hopefully she's now settled for the night...fingers crossed! :o)

Will add some pictures once I've talked dad into showing me how to get them off his camera, as that's where they are currently! Bear with me...
Hurrah, here are the pics! 1: Hannah eating celery with a big grin 2: Dinner was yummy 3: My arms are too tired to work the spoon mummy...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Yup, she can definitely walk

How exciting! Just before bedtime Hannah excelled herself by walking from where I was sitting, over to the sofa where the cat was sitting on the arm. About 6-8 ft or so, and she didn't fall over once! I lost count of how many steps she actually took at about 15!

Hannah had cheerios for breakfast today, lots of them again, and then we went to playgroup where she had some water and half a malted milk biscuit. I then discovered that these biscuits are easy to mush, and can be smeared into mummy's jeans very effectively by small yet determined fingers. And I thought I'd done all the washing, ho ho ho.

Lunch was scrambled egg on toast after a very delayed morning nap, Hannah did pretty well with it. She ate a fair amount of the egg, and about half the toast too.

For dinner she had a butternut squash and pecan nut roast, along with some peas and part of a strawberry yogurt (we're out of fromage frais for the moment). She wasn't all that keen on dinner, and threw a lot of it on the floor although a respectable amount of the squash roast did disappear.

She's drunk loads of water today, too - I've tried to make sure that water is always available for her during the day, and she is now starting to make more use of it. Not sure if it's a fluke or not but we'll have to wait and see I suppose.

She's also climbed herself onto her small rocking horse this afternoon, and sat on its back jiggling back and forth without holding on while I was cooking her dinner. And more to the point, climbed back off it again without ending up in a big heap on the floor :o)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Millions of peaches, peaches for tea

Yesterday was a pretty good day, Hannah started off with a big bowl of cheerios again, eating loads. For lunch she had a marmite sandwich (love it or hate it, right?) and a banana, and followed this up with potato wedges for tea. Pudding was a nice fresh peach, which Hannah sat and munched her way through (after chucking her potato wedges on the floor mainly). There was nothing left of the peach except for the stone in the end, so I gave her a second peach and the same thing happened! Personally I didn't think that much of those peaches, they weren't the nice sweet ones but were a bit sour/tart tasting. Didn't seem to bother Hannah though and she happily ate her way through the pair of them.

The poor girl is still being fobbed off with rubbish meals though, I think she's looking forward to staying with Grandma next week as she stands more chance of being well fed!

Today was cheerios for breakfast again, same old same old. Lunch was a cheese and cucumber sandwich and a peach again - this time the peach ended up on the floor mostly. She also had a few raisins on her tray while I was making the sandwich, but these also ended up mostly on the floor - very unusual since Hannah normally goes for raisins in a big way. For dinner she had beans on toast, the first time she's had them for absolutely ages, and boy were they popular! She sat and carefully picked all the beans off the toast and ate them, then came back for the toast and sucked all the bean juice out of the bread. She was funny to watch, especially since she's figured out that sucking her fingers and hand after she's been handling beans also tastes good.

She's recently started opening her hand right up to get to the last bit of food inside it, so I quite often see her with a hand plastered across her face. It's got more frequent over the past two weeks, and now is pretty much a daily thing.

Monday, 12 May 2008

Feeling hot hot hot!

Well it's still baking hot down here (and I've still got poorly tonsils, boooooo). Hannah's drinking loads so she's obviously feeling it too. Breakfast today was the usual bowl of cheerios, and she had a nutella sandwich and a banana to eat at lunchtime. I gave her some raspberry flavour milkshake to drink, and she really went for it - which surprised me a bit, as it was an experiment to see if she would drink milk straight from the fridge. Turns out she will, at least if it's raspberry flavoured!

Dinner was an omelette with peas, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese in it. To my surprise Hannah ate the lot - I turned away to refill her sippy cup and when I looked back, I thought she'd just dropped it. No, it had disappeared. She followed this with a cereal bar and two fromage frais.

She's also eaten two handfuls of raisins over the course of the day. I think raisins are my new best friend, Hannah loves them and they're clean, portable, handy snack items! She doesn't even need a bib on to eat them, which has to be a good thing...

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Weekend Update

Poor Hannah's been fobbed off with easy food for the past few days, as I've come down with tonsilitis (ouch!). According to my family health book, this means I am most likely under 10 years old and my mum should be feeding me food that's easy to swallow. Mum, are you listening? ;o)

Anyway, with that all going on Hannah had sandwiches to eat on Friday and Saturday, plus some cherry tomatoes, cucumber sticks, raisins, breadsticks, grapes, pear quarters, more raisins, and water. And, of course, shreddies or cheerios for breakfast.

Today she's eaten rather better, and had a sausage (chewed a bit then chucked on the floor) with mash (eaten) and two yorkshire puddings (devoured) along with some gravy for her lunch. Dinner was two slices of cheese on toast, about 1 1/2 slices got eaten. And breakfast was cheerios and some halved grapes.

I've forgotton to take photos too, so here's a random one of Hannah playing in her camper van ball pool that Aunty Jo bought for her birthday - as you can see, she's quite keen on it:

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sunny days

Today has been fairly unremarkable, except for the vast quantities of food Hannah has eaten. Breakfast was a huge bowl of cheerios, and ever fewer of them get dropped or otherwise wasted these days.

Lunch was a quorn fillet, and I don't know what I managed to do to it during cooking but it was revolting, so Hannah ended up with a sausage instead. She had two yorkshire puddings and lots of peas to go with it, followed by 6 pear quarters.

When she got up from her afternoon nap she was really hungry, so I gave her 3 roast potatoes that were meant to go with lunch but weren't ready in time. These swiftly got demolished, along with a handful of raisins. Shortly afterwards she had dinner, a slice of bread and butter, three more roasties, some cucumber chunks and halved cherry tomatoes. Pudding was another pear - it's a toss up whether she'll look more like a raisin or a pear in the morning! 20 minutes after finishing dinner Hannah drained a full bottle of milk too - I think we can definitely call it a growth spurt.

That's not to say that Hannah's attention is always on her dinner though:

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

She's a climber!

It was a day of firsts today, although not on the food front. Breakfast was shreddies, lunch was pasta with cherry tomatoes, a couple of black olives, and a sauce made from tomato puree and cream cheese. Pudding was some pear quarters. Hannah threw all of it except for the pear onto the floor - she might have eaten a couple of bits of pasta, but I'd be surprised if it was more than that.

Her dinner was a peanut butter and jam sandwich, and she happily sat and ate through the whole lot. It was accompanied by some raisins and a cereal bar, again these all got eaten.

Hannah also decided she needed an afternoon snack, unexpectedly! She ate a big handful of raisins and three apple rice cakes, and drank a fair bit of water too.

So what is this first she's managed? She climbed the stairs all by herself (under supervision once we realised what she was up to), and was discovered in the backroom playing with her stacking cups that she'd got off the end of the bath. Now we just have to teach her how to get back downstairs...

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Soggy Hannah

Hannah ate loads today! She had a huge bowl of cheerios for breakfast, and only left about half a dozen or so. She also drank a fair amount of water from her sippy cup. Since the weather warmed up a couple of days ago she's drinking a lot more water than normal. I thought it was partly related to her teething (still no further on with that project by the way) but that's eased off and she's carrying on.

We ate lunch out on the patio, and Hannah had three slices of quiche, half a dozen cherry tomatoes, a cream cheese sandwich (one slice of bread) and three slices of melon. Again she drank quite a bit of water too.

Hannah wasn't very interested in her tea (served on the patio again). I offered her two rice cakes with hummus, some potato salad, an organix date and banana chewy fruit thing, and some banana milkshake. I made the milkshake with a banana, a fromage frais, and some full fat milk to thin it out a bit. I gave it to her in an open cup, but she wasn't all that interested. We also tried it with a straw, but mostly she wanted to take that out and chew it. In fact she spent far more time munching on the straw than she did with the entire rest of the meal!

After tea once I'd wiped up Hannah and the high chair, I poured some water into the tray and let her play with that. It took mere milliseconds for her to realise that if she slapped her hands down into it I'd get soaked...

Monday, 5 May 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

Wow, Hannah is now a whole year old (well a year and a day, technically!). Yesterday she had her first ever birthday party, and celebrated by mostly eating chocolate...
We've not managed to update for a while as she's also started teething AGAIN. It looks like she has three or four either premolars or molars on the way through all at once, and she's been running a temperature since Friday between 38 and 40 deg C. Industrial quantities of calpol and ibuprofen have helped, but it's meant we (all of us) haven't had all that much sleep since Friday (yawn...). It also means Hannah's not eaten an awful lot of food, either.

She's managed her breakfast as normal every day, lots of shreddies or this morning bowl of cheerios on the patio. Lunch has been more hit and miss - her birthday lunch was five (yes, 5!) jaffa cakes. She also managed a nibble of aunty Jo's special ladybird birthday cake during the afternoon. For tea she ate a boiled egg, some halves of grape, a banana and a couple of rice cakes with caramilised onion hummus spread on them.

Today's lunch was some fruit jelly (left over from the party), plus an egg mayo sandwich and two slices of quiche. She also had a small bit of my neopolitan icecream, and a bit of Neil's too. She seemed to really like it, and I guess it helped with her sore gums. For tea she's just eaten two slices of melon, a banana, and two rice cakes with caramelised onion hummus on. She also had a snack this afternoon, a largeish handful of sultanas plus two apple flavoured rice cakes.

We've been trying to get lots of (nice and cool) water into Hannah while she's been running this temperature too, and she's co-operated pretty well, drinking lots of sippy cups full.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

A furry peach

Yesterday Hannah ate shreddies for breakfast, then she had gnocchi with a passata based sauce for lunch followed by a slice of carrot cake that Neil brought home. She was quite keen on that (no surprises there!).

Dinner was two slices of cheese on toast, which again she made short work of. I didn't give her any pudding as she was too tired really.

Today, shreddies for breakfast again. Lunch was pasta with tomato sauce and grated cheese stirred through. Hannah ate lots of it this time, or at least she seemed to although there was a fair amount in her lap that I discovered during Operation Cleanup. For pudding she had a peach, and seemed entertained by the furry skin - up until now she's not come across peach skin. It didn't stop her eating it though, or attempting to eat the stone out of the middle either. I think that means she liked it... :o)

For dinner there was a sandwich filled with mashed banana and cream cheese. She also had the banana and cheese mix that didn't fit in the sandwich served off a spoon, along with a couple of little organix animal biscuits and some halved grapes. She ate the lot, too!