Monday, 5 May 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!

Wow, Hannah is now a whole year old (well a year and a day, technically!). Yesterday she had her first ever birthday party, and celebrated by mostly eating chocolate...
We've not managed to update for a while as she's also started teething AGAIN. It looks like she has three or four either premolars or molars on the way through all at once, and she's been running a temperature since Friday between 38 and 40 deg C. Industrial quantities of calpol and ibuprofen have helped, but it's meant we (all of us) haven't had all that much sleep since Friday (yawn...). It also means Hannah's not eaten an awful lot of food, either.

She's managed her breakfast as normal every day, lots of shreddies or this morning bowl of cheerios on the patio. Lunch has been more hit and miss - her birthday lunch was five (yes, 5!) jaffa cakes. She also managed a nibble of aunty Jo's special ladybird birthday cake during the afternoon. For tea she ate a boiled egg, some halves of grape, a banana and a couple of rice cakes with caramilised onion hummus spread on them.

Today's lunch was some fruit jelly (left over from the party), plus an egg mayo sandwich and two slices of quiche. She also had a small bit of my neopolitan icecream, and a bit of Neil's too. She seemed to really like it, and I guess it helped with her sore gums. For tea she's just eaten two slices of melon, a banana, and two rice cakes with caramelised onion hummus on. She also had a snack this afternoon, a largeish handful of sultanas plus two apple flavoured rice cakes.

We've been trying to get lots of (nice and cool) water into Hannah while she's been running this temperature too, and she's co-operated pretty well, drinking lots of sippy cups full.

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