Saturday, 17 May 2008

Sorry Daddy, I like celery!

Yep, Neil has gone to the States with work for a week and before he'd even landed Hannah had been fed celery by her grandma. And liked it, too! It made a very loud crunch as she bit down on it, which was marvellously entertaining.

As well as celery, today Hannah ate cheerios and cranberry wheats for breakfast in combination - caused by the fact that we've now run out of both. Good job we're now at Grandma's and she's been shopping. Then we travelled up to mum and dad's, Hannah ate three organix gingerbread men in the car as we hit a bit of traffic that delayed lunch a tad.

Lunch was potato wedges, I put some creme fraiche and chives dip on one of them but Hannah didn't seem all that impressed so I ate the dip with my wedges instead :o) She had a banana for pudding, and ate about half of it - the rest ended up on the floor.

For dinner she had two slices of vegetable quiche, plus some salad bits (including the celery!). The quiche was more or less completely demolished, and for pudding she had two slices of melon, plus a raspberry fromage frais. Swiftly followed by a strawberry fromage frais - she seemed to be starving, poor girl apparently never gets fed! Bizarrely she couldn't be bothered to operate her own spoon today and when I presented the loaded spoon to her as normal, just leant forward with an open mouth to receive the fromage frais. It was very odd, and I'm not very practised at feeding her, I normally delegate the task! It did turn out to be quite a lot tidier than child-operated cutlery though so I can see the benefits.

And in a late update (10pm ish) Hannah woke up shortly after going to bed and ended up having a second bottle of milk as well as teething gel, calpol, ibuprofen, and anything else I could think of. I don't know whether this is a continuation of her 12 months growth spurt, whether travelling for 3 hours in the car worked up her appetite, or whether moving from formula onto cow's milk before bed is what's done it, but hopefully she's now settled for the night...fingers crossed! :o)

Will add some pictures once I've talked dad into showing me how to get them off his camera, as that's where they are currently! Bear with me...
Hurrah, here are the pics! 1: Hannah eating celery with a big grin 2: Dinner was yummy 3: My arms are too tired to work the spoon mummy...

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