Thursday, 15 May 2008

Yup, she can definitely walk

How exciting! Just before bedtime Hannah excelled herself by walking from where I was sitting, over to the sofa where the cat was sitting on the arm. About 6-8 ft or so, and she didn't fall over once! I lost count of how many steps she actually took at about 15!

Hannah had cheerios for breakfast today, lots of them again, and then we went to playgroup where she had some water and half a malted milk biscuit. I then discovered that these biscuits are easy to mush, and can be smeared into mummy's jeans very effectively by small yet determined fingers. And I thought I'd done all the washing, ho ho ho.

Lunch was scrambled egg on toast after a very delayed morning nap, Hannah did pretty well with it. She ate a fair amount of the egg, and about half the toast too.

For dinner she had a butternut squash and pecan nut roast, along with some peas and part of a strawberry yogurt (we're out of fromage frais for the moment). She wasn't all that keen on dinner, and threw a lot of it on the floor although a respectable amount of the squash roast did disappear.

She's drunk loads of water today, too - I've tried to make sure that water is always available for her during the day, and she is now starting to make more use of it. Not sure if it's a fluke or not but we'll have to wait and see I suppose.

She's also climbed herself onto her small rocking horse this afternoon, and sat on its back jiggling back and forth without holding on while I was cooking her dinner. And more to the point, climbed back off it again without ending up in a big heap on the floor :o)

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