Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Late late late!

Hmm, we have been missing in action for a few days! So what's been happening since Monday...Obviously Hannah has eaten shreddies for breakfast every day, and tons of them too, I still have no idea where she's putting them but the European shreddie mountain is getting smaller by the day.

Lunch on Monday was out and about, but Hannah didn't want any of the tomato and mozzerella panini I bought for us to share. She did manage a banana and date fruit chew, a couple of rice cakes and an apple and orange cereal bar. She wasn't especially enthusiastic about any of it though.

Hannah mega-napped on Monday afternoon and I had to go and wake her at 5pm. She was very clingy and miserable and not remotely interested in food, so didn't have any tea at all. Her temperature was very high (39.6 C) so I just dosed her with Calpol and gave her milk, which fortunately she did take.

Tuesday was slightly better, her temp had gone and she ate lots of shreddies for breakfast again. For lunch she had toast, and for tea I gave her some pasta with a bit of tomato puree and cream cheese sauce with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes in it. She still wasn't all that interested, but at least she sucked the insides out of some of the bits of ravioli.

Today, Hannah woke up with tooth number 8 clearly visible. So that might explain the temp and how miserable she's been this week, at least I hope that's the reason! She's not needed any calpol today, but has put away about a ton of shreddies (well two bowls full anyway).

Lunch today was a cream cheese sandwich, some carrot sticks, a cereal bar, a banana and some cottage cheese. She peeled the top off the sandwich and flung that on the floor, although she did eat the bit of bread with the cream cheese on at least. The carrot sticks went down well, as did most of the banana. The cottage cheese was a bonus extra as it was from my plate but she seemed to enjoy it.

For tea, well who decided that giving babies soup was a good idea?! The dining room is currently sporting an interesting spatter pattern of tomato soup. It was a tin of tomatoes, some herbs, a few mashed chick peas to thicken it, and a tablespoon of creme fraiche stirred through. Hannah seemed to really like it so it might make further appearances on the menu but only after I've cleared up properly from the first! She had chunks of bread that I dunked in the soup, and while I did give her the spoon and bowl (holding the bowl down to prevent disasters!) she mainly held the spoon in one hand while using her other hand to get at the soup. With mixed success. Note one hand holding the spoon here:

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