Saturday, 5 April 2008

She can walk!!!

Never mind the food today, our exciting news is that Hannah took some steps all by herself today for the first time! Only a couple, but three or four times during the day. Each time she was holding the edge of the sofa, and let go to walk to me when I was sat in the middle of the living room floor.

Give her a week, I won't be able to keep up... :oD

So food. Shreddies for breakfast, although definitely not as many as normal. For lunch I did quiche and salad for all of us, Hannah didn't really eat anything though. She had a couple of bits of cherry tomato, bit the cucumber but spat it out, and seemed fascinated by the lettuce. Not, however, to chew. More to rip apart and throw on the floor.

Dinner was a couple of crumpets, some apple and orange flavour flapjack, a fromage frais, some sweetcorn, a mushroom, and a pear cut into quarters. She wasn't very interested in any of it though, and most ended up on the floor.

To top all of that off, she didn't even drink as much milk as I'd have expected given that she only really had one decent meal all day. Hopefully her appetite will be back to normal in the next few days. At least there was no sign of a temperature today.

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