Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Clunk click with every trip

It's clearly important that Hannah wears her high chair seat belt for every meal now. I forgot to do it up at lunchtime today, and this is what happened at the end of the meal after she'd finished her meal but I hadn't cleaned her up yet:

Breakfast today was shreddies again, and for lunch Hannah ate cheese on toast, a banana, some cherry tomatoes and some raspberries. She ate the raspberries so quickly I thought she's thrown them somewhere while I wasn't looking, but judging by the squished bits all over her face and lack of any leftovers during clean up, I think she must have eaten them!

Dinner was pasta with tomato and mascarpone sauce, and as you can see it was wiped all over Hannah's face and shovelled into her mouth as quickly as possible:

This was ollowed by a doughnut man (a special treat) which Hannah spent ages carefully disecting - licking most of the icing off the front first, then pulling apart the torso to get to the jam innards, then licking out the jam before setting about the flesh (as it were...):

I thought the smartie eyes might have been a choking hazard, so I selflessly ate those myself ;o) much to Hannah's disgust!


Anonymous said...

yes Hannah, Auntie Helen likes doughnut men as well

Cate said...

Mmm, me too - and they only had one left in the shop! :o(