Thursday, 14 August 2008

Making a mockery!

Hannah had mock pizzas for dinner tonight, made with two crumpets (toasted) spread with tomato puree, pesto, a bit of sweetcorn and some grated cheese then grilled. She really liked them, although she's still using the top down approach to food consumption. She peeled the cheese off, then ate the sweetcorn, then licked the tomato and pesto sauce off, then ate the crumpets.

Lunch was saute potatoes and a couple of sausages, plus a nectarine, some raisins and a few apricots. Hannah didn't eat much of the nectarine this time, probably about half of it which is well below par.

For breakfast there were cranberry wheats again, which were demolished as usual. In fact we're about out of those as well, so it may well be back to the emergency box of cheerios in the cupboard tomorrow, I've just remembered I forgot to buy any new cereal earlier, oops!

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