Friday, 15 August 2008

Full of beans

Hannah has been full of beans today, in both senses of the word. Literally, because she had two slices of beans on toast for dinner, along with some raisins. She ate all of the beans, and sucked all of the bean juice out of the toast before discarding it. I think she nibbled on one of the slices, but didn't eat any significant quantity of it.

We had a busy day today, so after a breakfast of cranberry wheats we dashed off to Tumble Time at the local leisure centre. Hannah ran riot for 90 minutes or so, then we came home and she flaked out. When she woke up she had her lunch, which was some tomato tart, a plum, some blueberries and a couple of chocolate biscotti.

After lunch we went swimming with a friend - during the madhouse inflatables session at the local pool, which we didn't know about before we turned up! Fortunately there weren't any inflatables in the baby pool, just lots and lots of small children and their parents. Hannah enjoyed being dunked, going on the water slide (but getting caught at the bottom), and playing with a foam surfboard - which she promptly stood up on when I sat her on it. Is she going to be a surfer girl? After swimming she and Sam had a biscuit each, then the aforementioned beans on toast made an appearance.

I don't quite know why, after swimming, I am absolutely shattered but Hannah was full of beans, at least until just before bedtime. Somehow it doesn't seem fair!

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