Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Take two spoons to the table? Hannah does.

Today, Hannah has mostly been impersonating a monkey, clambering onto the coffee table and standing up on it (I like to call it table surfing...) - did I mention she can reach the light switch from there? It's really annoying...:

climbing into her toybox to get that difficult-to-reach-yet-absolutely-essential toy from right at the back: and climbing up my legs, the stair gates, and her high chair.

She's eaten quite well today, having shreddies for breakfast - although only about half of the bowl that I gave her - followed by eggy bread (1 and a bit slices) and a slice of pineapple for lunch. The pineapple I just sliced, cut the slice in half and gave her. She took some time to decide it was edible, but then concentrated almost entirely on that rather than the leftover eggy bread. It did make her giggle a few times, I think because it tingled on her tongue.

Dinner was a buffet of a veggie burger, some sweetcorn ring crisps, a breadstick, some hummus, a rice cake, a couple of sticks of cheese, an apricot flavour barquette (french biscuit), some raisins and a couple of dried apricots. She also ate part of an organix fruity custard pot, but didn't seemed that fussed by it and was more entertained by battling with spoons (one for the hummus, one for the custard thing):

I'm not going to bother getting any more of the custard pots, Hannah's not been that keen on them at all really so I don't think they're worth it. I'll just have to get my bum in gear and make homemade custard for her, she definitely likes that!

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