Thursday, 18 October 2007

Baby corn and actual eating!

I've been thinking about this weaning thing, and I've decided that the next two weeks will feature one meal per day, as that will take us to the 6-month point when the World Health Organisation (and most health professionals) say you should start weaning. Since the BLW guidelines were based on babies who were offered, but didn't necessarily eat, food from 18 weeks old, I don't feel bad about having started 2 1/2 weeks early - in fact I'm really pleased that we got as far as we did exclusively breastfeeding. I'll see how we go after that point, and introduce the extra meals over a couple of weeks I think.

Today's new taste was baby sweetcorn, three bits of which were served along with three left over bits of steamed carrot from yesterday. Hannah headed straight for the sweetcorn and seemed intrigued by the texture. In fact she liked it so much that at one point she attempted to get two bits in her mouth at once, one in each hand.

The carrot on offer seemed to go down well again - possibly even literally. I'm fairly sure that today Hannah actually swallowed some of it. No evidence of carrot eaten yesterday as yet (if you know what I mean...) but I'll keep checking.

Two things I leant today, by the way: 1 - it's time to invest in some bibs that cover Hannah from head to toe, and 2 - it's important to either roll up long sleeves or remove long sleeved tops before getting started. Oh well, that's another thing on the washing pile...

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