Thursday, 25 October 2007

Not very interested in food today

For the first time, today Hannah wasn't very interested in her lunch. I think there was a combination of things going on. Firstly she was tired, she'd started yawning as I put her in the high chair. Secondly she'd recently had a really long breastfeed, more than twice as long as her normal feed these days, so she was probably quite full. Finally, the food on the menu might have been a tad annoying.

I served up a banana, three peach slices, and a rice cake with a bit of butter spread on it. I managed to break the rice cake into thirds which worked OK but wasn't ideal. The peach slices (out of a tin) turned out to be far too slippery for Hannah to pick up easily. She did manage to get one up to her mouth after a while, and seemed to enjoy it, but it escaped pretty quickly so she rather lost interest in them. And the banana was overripe too, so quite slippy to handle and falling apart at the least provocation.

All in all not a great success, but tomorrow, as they say, is another day.

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