Saturday, 27 October 2007

Figgy Pudding

Today's lunch contained some familiar items, with a twist, plus a new item: fig.

For her main course she had potato, sweet potato and carrot all roasted with garlic, though she didn't have any of the roast garlic itself it did mean that the potato, sweet potato and carrot were infused with a garlic flavour. Very nice! She was especially keen on the garlic roast potato, though she had a bit of trouble because it was in chunks rather than batons. The carrot was also fairly popular, the sweet potato less so - I think that was mostly squished into mush rather than eaten.

Once she'd finished with the main course we cleared it away and brought out pudding: half a fig cut into 4 wedges. We weren't sure how she'd react to the fig pieces, but she dived straight in with gusto - definitely a fan! At times she was trying to cram 2 or 3 pieces into her mouth at once. By the time she'd finished, she'd completely eaten one wedge and sucked all the flesh off the others leaving three soggy slivers of skin.

Here she is chomping on one fig wedge while grabbing enthusiastically at another two:

So a successful lunch with two new flavours proving a hit: she lapped up the garlic roasties and seems to have found a new favourite food in figs.

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