Tuesday, 23 October 2007

A surprising success with courgette

Courgette is, to my mind, a pretty dull vegetable. Since there was one using up space in the fridge, it was cut up into 8 chip shaped bits and pan fried in a bit of unsalted butter (gosh that sounds ever so posh!). Along with the courgette I served some steamed yellow pepper, and a bit of banana for pudding.

I was frankly amazed, the courgette virtually all got eaten! About all that was left behind were strips of green skin, all the innards had been sucked and gummed off, and presumably swallowed. Hurrah!

The yellow pepper was still popular, but more difficult to eat as it seemed rather slippy so kept escaping. Bits of banana were devoured too - the size of some of the chunks was rather alarming, but Hannah seemed to have no problems with them.

The trick with the muslin made another appearance, equally successfully so I think that we'll be carrying on with that until we can get some of those bibs that cover them from head to toe (or at least head to waist).

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