Monday, 15 October 2007

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog, all about Hannah's experiences of having baby led weaning inflicted on her by her parents. That'd be us then...

The cast:
Mum Cate, 32
Dad Neil, 29
Baby Hannah, 23 weeks

The plot:
I can't remember how we first came across baby led weaning, but having read up about it here, it seems like a fantastic approach for the inherently lazy mum who can't face all that cooking, whizzing, freezing in ice cube trays, defrosting, spooning malarky. Making chip shapes out of various foodstuffs has got to be easier...hasn't it? Well we hope so anyway, and we're going to be giving it a go.

Well I say "going to be" when actually, while on a visit to the grandparent's at the weekend, Hannah was trying to nab bits of cucumber off the kitchen counter. So obviously the thing to do was to cut off an inch or so, cut it in half and give it her to play with. After a few seconds she gave it a funny half chomp,. half lick, and screwed up her face as if to say "what's this nonsense you're giving me?". Apparently this wasn't enough to put her off though, and for the next 5 minutes the cucumber was thoroughly explored with fingers and mouth. I'm not convinced that any was actually swallowed, but we've been finding cucumber seeds everywhere since then - even on her knees, which since she was wearing trousers at the time was quite a feat!

So anyway, now I either need a large plastic mat or a dog to keep the floor clean for our next experiment. Thoughts?

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