Tuesday, 30 October 2007

First taste of avocado

Hurrah for painting aprons, the postman brought us two just as I was getting Hannah into her high chair for lunch - how's that for good timing?! I can confirm that it kept her clothes clean and dry and was very easy to wipe clean, And there's plenty of room to grow, as technically it's for ages 2-3 years!

Anyway, on to lunch. A first taste of avocado, accompanied by some banana, was the main course today, and there was plum for pudding. The avocado was a bit slippy so hard to pick up at first, but Hannah is persistent and conquered it in the end. I'm not sure what she made of it, there wasn't much reaction to it at all.

The plum went down as well today as it did yesterday, except that today she managed to chew off a small chunk of it and made herself gag slightly, since I think she was still sucking at the main bit while it was in her mouth. Bit scary to watch, but she managed to spit out the offending piece without any intervention from me (which was easier said than done, I wanted to leap in and take it off her straight away). Shortly after that she started being much more interested in eating her thumb than the food, so I took that as a sign and put her to bed for a nap :o)

Hopefully we'll get some pics of the new bib in action tomorrow.

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