Monday, 29 October 2007

Two new tastes

I thought it was about time Hannah had some variety in her lunch, so today to go with her roast veggies she also had a bit of cheese, Emmental in fact as I didn't think that St Agur was very appropriate as a first cheese.

Cheese was a definite hit, she spent the first couple of minutes just sucking on the end of the stick I gave her and grinning. The roast veg went down a treat too, although I have discovered that it's best to break the shapes in half if you can as Hannah was having trouble getting at the soft inside bits Once I'd done that it was a lot easier, although seeing her with an entire roast potato in her mouth all at once is still rather alarming.

The other new taste of the day was plum. I really thought she'd pull a face at this, as it's a fairly tart flavour, but she didn't. I'm really impressed with baby led weaning - I know that it's meant to mean children eat a wide range of foods, but Hannah hasn't rejected anything yet. If you're thinking about trying it, it is a messy process though!

In other news, there are two painting aprons in the post to Hannah today from Grandma and Grandad (hello!) so once they arrive it should be a bit easier to keep Hannah fairly clean.

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