Friday, 26 October 2007

How do you remove fromage frais from a baby's nose?

We tried something new today. Fromage frais. I loaded a weaning spoon (the one that came free in our latest Bounty bag) with some strawberry fromage frais and gave it to Hannah. She immediately smeared it all over her hands. The second attempt got into her mouth and for the first time I can say she definitely enjoyed her food - I could tell by all the "mmmmmmmm" noises she kept making! I think about half the fromage frais went down her, the other half she decided was a fantastic fashion accessory for the modern baby, and it also made a great face pack. I think there's still some up her nose that I didn't manage to get out.

As well as fromage frais I gave her some boiled potato that I'd reserved from our mash last night. This also went down well, and boiled potato has the bonus attribute of retaining its shape fairly well. The ubiquitous chips (shapes, not actual chips yet!) were given a good seeing to and the end result wasn't too mashed. For the first time I saw Hannah open her hand in front of her mouth to try and get to the food left inside her fist, she kind of pushed her palm into her mouth to suck it clean. Will keep an eye on this, as it definitely shows development!

Since I didn't have the camera battery charged, and there'd been special requests for pics of Hannah trying her first fig (hi Auntie Jo!) that's been reserved for tomorrow's lunch instead. Assuming we can find the battery charger...

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