Wednesday, 12 March 2008

And it's lovely rice pudding for dinner again!

Well I don't know what the matter with Mary Jane was, but Hannah doesn't agree! She ate shreddies for breakfast, and for lunch had a slice of melon, a cream cheese sandwich, and a portion of rice pudding. The rice pudding had much the same reaction as fromage frais normally does - lots of bouncing up and down in the highchair and banging her fists on the tray when I took the spoon off her to refill it. In fact here is her "get off my spoon" pose:

For dinner I gave her two baked tomatoes, another slice of melon, and another portion of rice pudding. This time the rice pudding had half a teaspoon of raspberry jam stirred into it and if anything it was even more popular like this than the plain stuff. Hannah went mad for the tomatoes too, which I wasn't absolutely sure she would. She ate all the flesh out of the middle and just left the skin behind (again). She picked the mozzerella off the top and chewed it a bit but didn't really eat that much of it I don't think. Still, on the whole it was all a success.

So anyway, Mary Jane might not have liked her rice pudding, but Hannah certainly does thankyouverymuch and is quite happy to accept leftovers, I'm sure. :o)

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