Sunday, 30 March 2008

Party Girl :o)

Hannah attended her first ever 21st birthday party on Saturday night, but we kept her away from the cake and beer...

For breakfast Hannah had blueberry wheats, she doesn't seem to like them as much as the cranberry wheats or shreddies though and she flung a few onto the floor rather than down the hatch - most unusual!

For lunch she had some sweet potato wedges and courgette fingers that I roasted, cousin George shared this with Hannah, especially the courgette. I only gave Hannah a couple of bits of the courgette as she mainly wanted to throw it on the floor. Ungrateful madam. She also had a few bits of pasta with tomato sauce on from my plate, and a fromage frais for pudding which Aunty Jo found most amusing to watch. Here's a rare picture of some courgette getting as far as her mouth:

And here's George guest starring with his own lunch (some of Hannah's sweet potato and courgette):

Dinner started in the car on the way to the party as Hannah started yelling. Good job I'd shoved some organix carrot sticks in my bag then... So after eating the entire bag of carroty things Hannah also had some bread and butter, some cherry tomatoes (that made her pull faces as they came straight from the fridge), a couple of Aunty Jo's rice cakes, and a couple of party nibbles that she robbed off the coffee table. Fortunately I managed to keep her away from the salted peanuts and the chilli-stuffed olives, with a significant amount of help from other guests. We had to play "pass the nibbles" fairly consistently as Hannah has been doing sprints training while I wasn't looking.

Breakfast on Sunday was blueberry wheats again, and again a number of them were thrown overboard rather than eaten. Hannah still ate more than I did though! For lunch we gave her some apple rice cakes, a couple of oatcakes with cream cheese on, some cheese and herb organix crisps, a pear and a plum. And a breadstick too. She mostly ate the lot as she was busy showing George how BLW is done.

Dinner on Sunday consisted of avocado pieces, some fingers of cheddar cheese (mature), a breadstick, some chickpeas, raisins, a banana and a fromage frais. The avocado proved rather wily and even though I left the skin on the avocado to make it easier to pick up, it still needed chasing round the tray before she could pick it up. The chickpeas were quite popular, although Hannah quickly discovered that they made a pleasing noise when dropped from a height onto the tray, and rolled a decent distance when thrown on the floor.

I didn't take any pics of Hannah eating on Sunday, so here's one of kiddies and daddies together instead:

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