Friday, 14 March 2008

A game of two halves

Obviously there was shreddies again for breakfast. We were out for lunch, and although I'd brought some bits and pieces with me I thought we'd get something from the M&S cafe (which is pretty good actually). I bought Hannah an emmental and mushroom toastie, and I got a cheese and marinated tomato foccacia for me, plus a fruit salad to share.
When I found us a table (buggy plus tray makes navigating difficult, and nobody offered to help) I parked Hannah up and then had to find a high chair. Didn't like leaving Hannah at the table while I had to go out of sight, but nothing else for it. And I don't like the M&S high chairs, I think they're only suitable for babies probably 18 months or 2 years old plus - for example there were no straps to hold Hannah in, and far too much space for her to slide around in there and slip down. I ended up wadding up the buggy cover and shoving it behind her to chock her in place. Not ideal, but it worked out OK.

So anyway, onto the food. It turned out that Hannah's toastie included Colman's mustard - or at least a hot english style mustard - which she definitely didn't like. She spat the first bite of toastie out and refused to even try any more. So we swapped meals, I ate her toastie (it was lovely) and she ate the foccacia. She did really well with that, once I'd cut it up into manageable sized pieces, and ate about half of it in total. She followed this up with some breadsticks and rice cakes that I'd brought from home, plus pieces of watermelon, pineapple and kiwi fruit from the fruit salad. She used a big fork for the fruit, and managed remarkably well with it:

We had a picnic tea in the living room that included a cream cheese sandwich, some breadsticks, rice cakes, and a bit of a peanut butter sandwich that was stolen off me.

Her milk before bed turned out to be a game of two halves. She started out as normal and had 8oz, draining the lot and proving the growth spurt theory. Then, about 10 minutes after going into her cot she got up again due to some extremely loud shouting to drink an extra 4oz. Fortunately that settled her and all is quiet on the Hannah front.

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