Thursday, 6 March 2008

Eat this, mummy!

Hannah had shreddies for breakfast again today, she ate just as many of them as usual and only dropped a three or four of them on the floor.

For lunch she had a selection of things - a pear, a plum, three apple rice cakes, an organix flapjack, and some cheese and herb crisps. She did really well with all of it, seeming to prefer the flapjack over anything else on offer. The plum didn't all get eaten, although some of it did, and the pear got ignored to start with, but once she figured out what it was the rest got devoured in short order. Hannah also tried to feed me today - as I was picking up some bits that had ended up on the floor she was busily stuffing her half eaten rice cake in my mouth. It was rather soggy, I have to say!

Dinner was some quorn casserole. I gave her a slice of bread to go with it since the sauce was a bit runny and I thought she could soak it up - she promptly squashed bits of the casserole into the bread and ate it like a sandwich. There was a fromage frais for afters, apricot flavour today, and she was as attached to the spoon as always, not wanting to give it back.

Hannah dropped a breastfeed today, too - she missed her mid-afternoon feed and didn't seem particularly bothered by not having it. I made dinner a bit earlier to compensate, and this seemed to work out fine. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but if it's anything like the other feeds that have been dropped that'll be it.

Oh, and no photos today, the camera battery died on me earlier and it's now on charge. Normal service should be resumed tomorrow!

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