Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back on the veggies

Things got more or less back to normal today after a week of topsy turvy meals. Hannah had cranberry wheats for breakfast - like shredded wheat bitesize but filled with cranberry puree. Yes, we're out of shreddies! She really liked them though, hurrah :o)

Lunch today was baked tomatoes. I did three tomatoes this time and again Hannah ate the lot! She followed this with some grapes that I cut in half, and also ate a slice of bread and butter.

For dinner I made some potato wedges - all Auntie Jo's fault, since she and BabyG had them for lunch. I pleased to report that they were lovely, and Hannah ate loads! She ate nearly 2 entire potatoes worth of wedges, plus a banana and finally two bits of her chocolate buttons easter egg. A very popular choice!

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