Monday, 24 March 2008

We're back!

Gosh it's been a while since our last report, and quite a lot has been going on. So, as best I can remember here's what Hannah's eaten...

She had breakfast every day, mainly shreddies although she had full sized shredded wheats at her granny's house - not as easy to cope with as the bitesize version - and toast this morning.

Last Monday Hannah had a bit of a bug that involved throwing up and things so I do remember that her food was very bland for the rest of the day, but exactly what I gave her I have no idea! On Tuesday I ended up in hospital for some tests. Hannah was an absolute trooper despite hanging around for hours in various waiting rooms. I did have some fo0d bits in my bag which I gave her, but it wasn't much of a meal just some apple rice cakes and organix crisps. The hospital offered ready made bottles of formula, but no solid foods so Hannah just had milk for most of the day.

We managed rather better on Wednesday with Neil looking after Hannah and she generally had a much better day. But I've no idea what she ate, sorry! Thursday saw us packing the car up for a trip to Wales to stay with Hannah's granny and auntie Helen. Thursday lunch she had at home, it was a mixture of bits and pieces, then we ended up having dinner at a service station on the M4 due to the horrendous traffic. Hannah shared a three cheese and a cheese and marmite toasted sandwich, plus some blueberry muffin with me and Neil. She also ate rice cakes and similar things in the car before we got to the services, as she was busy telling us quite loudly that she was starving! She also had two chocolate digestives in the car too - not intended for Hannah but we ran out of baby type food. She was worried about being left behind on the trip so made sure we didn't forget her:
On Friday Hannah had eggy bread for lunch, and dinner was something else (memory failure again, sorry!). Saturday's lunch was a banana, plus some roast potatoes, carrot, peas, white cabbage, a sausage and some gravy. Dinner included a slice of pizza and a bit of garlic bread, which Hannah enjoyed very much and won't be eating again for some considerable time. She als0 had a fromage frais.
Sunday lunch was pasta and tomato sauce with some grated cheese on top which mostly got ignored. Pudding was a fromage frais - at least until Hannah noticed that the rest of us were getting chocolate Easter cake! She got her own slice (a small one) and we finally having a pudding more popular than fromage frais:

Today she's eaten some organix carrot stix, a rice cake, a banana and a pear for lunch followed by scrambled egg on toast for her dinner.
Wow, what a lot of food :o)

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