Sunday, 16 March 2008

One a penny, two a penny

Saturday's food:
Hannah ate shreddies for breakfast - but don't worry, she must be getting close to the bottom of the box soon, and I'll buy something different next time! :o)

Lunch was a platter of different things and included some cheesy poofs, a breadstick, some cashew nuts, cubes of cheddar cheese, raisins, a plum and a couple of rice cakes. This was a bit rushed as we had to go and watch Neil playing the saxophone in the local town centre. Since I didn't manage to take any pics of Hannah, have a pic of Neil and his music group instead :o) :

Unfortunately neither of us can remember what she ate for tea, but I promise we did feed her!

Sunday's food:
Hannah ate shreddies again as part of our family breakfast all together. Her lunch was tomato and mozzerella ravioli with a tomato, pesto and garlic sauce. Hannah had the last few cheesy poofs from yesterday's packet to go with the pasta, and followed it all up with half a hot cross bun. The pasta she mainly sucked the sauce off and ate the middle from it but didn't eat much actual pasta. The hot cross bun was funny, once she'd tasted it and decided it wasn't going to kill her she very carefully didn't let go of it at all. It was as if she suspected that we'd take it off her if she dropped it or put it down.

Dinner was a couple of oatcakes, one with cream cheese and one with pate. For pudding she had custard with a sliced banana and a few raisins stirred in - this got the same reaction as it did the first time she tried it, there was lots of enthusiasm generally.

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