Monday, 10 March 2008

Hannah's first wedding

Wow, we're very behind updating this! For a change, lol. So it'll be a quick run through of all the food Hannah's eaten starting on Friday - a whole four days worth...

Shreddies for breakfast, a buffet lunch of a tomato, apple rice cakes, a plum, a pear, a breadstick, a gingerbread man, some carrot stix crisps, raisins, oatcakes with cream cheese and one with lentil pate. For dinner she had spaghetti hoops on toast - and made just as much mess with them this time as she did last time.

Shreddies again, another buffet lunch this time with apple rice cakes, a plum, breadsticks, a raspberry and apple flapjack, some cucumber sticks, a sandwich, ham spread with cream cheese and rolled up into a sausage, some carrot stix crisps, a banana and some raisins. Dinner was pasta carbonara with added peas in, followed by a fromage frais. We also gave her a few cheesy crisps (well, Neil calls them cheesy poofs, but that's because he watches too much South Park!). She didn't eat that much of the pasta, but really went for the peas - she was pouncing on them and managing really well to get them into her mouth.

Shreddies for breakfast yet again, followed by a wedding function. I took some packed lunch along, as we knew that the food served at the do would be curry and we weren't sure how Hannah would get on with it. As it turned out, she ate a couple of vegetable samosas, plus some rice, a bit of vegetable curry, and some pudding. The pudding was coconut with flaked almonds and raisins in it, with a fair bit of coconut milk around it too. We've no idea what it was called, it just appeared on the table and we ate it!

Since lunch wasn't served until gone 3pm, it messed up the rest of the day and Hannah ended up only having two meals. And since I was wearing a posh frock, I couldn't feed her myself without stripping and locking us in the loo for the duration. Fortunately I had a bottle with boiled water, plus a pot of formula ready measured out. I was amazed to find that she took the milk (all of it too!) without it being heated at all, that made life much easier.

Back to normal today, with yet again shreddies for breakfast. This was followed by two slices of toast with a moroccan chickpea pate spread on it and a fromage frais. Dinner was preceded by two gingerbread men and two apple rice cakes, due to Hannah starting yelling for food earlier than expected. The meal itself was shepherd's pie, some carrot stix and cheesy poofs, and some raisins for pudding. Sadly the shepherd's pie was basically ignored (harrumph) while she ate the other bits and pieces, but she did manage a fair amount anyway.

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