Saturday, 23 February 2008

Accidentally dropped a feed

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag really. Breakfast consisted of shreddies, and as Neil was working from home we all ate together, which was nice.

For lunch I cooked some roast veggies, and again we all ate together. There was butternut squash, roast potatoes, and parsnips, served with a splash of lo salt gravy. For pudding, Hannah had a fromage frais again - a tesco one this time, which I thought tasted and smelled more strongly than the asda equivalent. It certainly seemed pinker (it was raspberry flavour). Hannah didn't mind the change at all, and swiftly ate the lot.

I took Hannah to the playground in the afternoon, with a friend and her little boy (she really liked the swings), after which we went to a local café. In the café Hannah ate 4, yes 4, vanilla wafer biscuits. They were basically identical to pink wafers, only italian and white rather than pink. I gave her the first one, turned round to have a swallow of my drink, and when I turned back all of 5 or 10 seconds later, there was no sign at all of the biscuit. I thought she'd dropped it, but on closer inspection it turned out that she'd eaten it all! She then did exactly the same with the next three, and would have carried on only I stopped giving them to her.

I was out yesterday evening so left Neil in charge of dinner, he served a slice of cheese on toast. Hannah ate about 2/3 of the slice, not bad considering she was pretty tired by that point. He also gave her two gingernut biscuits. Not ideal, as that takes her total biscuits for the day up to "far too many" and with a bit of luck and forward planning they won't be making another appearance for a few days at least.

In other news, as I said Hannah was tired during her dinner last night, and Neil got her ready for bed straight afterwards. I'd gone out, and in the slight confusion he forgot to give her the milk I'd left in the fridge. So she only had two milk feeds yesterday, rather than three. Oops! It didn't affect her sleeping through, thankfully, although she was ready for her breakfast feed slightly earlier than normal, and we'll be back to three again today.

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