Thursday, 28 February 2008

Out to dinner with nothing to drink

Hannah had shredded wheat for breakfast again today, and finished off the last ones, so it's back to shreddies tomorrow. I'm sure she eats more for breakfast than I do, it's amazing!

She also ate tons at lunchtime. I made the pasta carbonara again, and I thought as I was giving the pasta spirals to her that they were disappearing very quickly. I assumed that a fair number were ending up on her lap or down by her sides in the highchair, so didn't really think anything of it. Only when I cleared up, I only found about a dozen or so pasta spirals that were discarded! She must have eaten the rest - including a couple of spoonfuls out of my serving.

Towards the end of the meal I decided to give her the bowl that the pasta was in. It only had a few pasta spirals in when I handed it over, which as it turned out was just as well. She's not really got the idea that not EVERYTHING that you give her during a meal is edible:

For pudding she ate two entire slices of melon, plus had a quick look at half a dozen grapes. The melon was much riper than the last one I gave her, I think that's why she didn't really go for the last one so much. This one had that lovely ripe (slightly overripe almost) smell to it, so I had a couple of slices too. Yum yum.

At dinnertime we were out (we went to Kidspace this afternoon, which was fab) and I'd only chucked a couple of packs of food in the changing bag as we left the house. An early entry into the bad mummy handbook? Anyway, so Hannah had apple rice cakes (about 4 or them) and an entire pack of organix crispy corn rings. She did like them, so seemed quite happy. I also forgot to pick up her sippy cup, so resorted to letting her drink out of my enormous (1 litre I think) bottle of water. I held it and tilted it for her, she knew exactly what to do with it and managed to get a drink from it far easier than I thought she would. Not perhaps was I'd planned for dinner, but it sufficed :o)

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