Sunday, 3 February 2008

Milk strike?

For breakfast today Hannah ate another tonne of shredded wheat bitesize, it's amazing how many of them she manages to put away.

Lunch was toad in the hole with mash and gravy, served en famille. She did really well with the mash, having figured out how to hold it firmly enough to pick up, but not so firm that it squished out through her fingers. Well, after the first attempt anyway. It's really the first time I've seen her manage that kind of fine motor control. She's growing up!

For dinner she had a lot of different things. There were some sticks of red leicester, a raspberry fromage frais, a bit more chocolate angel delight, some halved tinned apricots, and a rusk. Plus water to go with it. I tried letting Hannah control the spoon completely by herself, which didn't quite work. Once I'd put it into the pot for her it worked much better. I also tried breaking the rusk and letting her dunk that in the fromage frais, and that worked rather better than the spoon. Well, sort of. She definitely needs more practice at the whole "not covering everything in fromage frais" thing.

As you can see, she's making a move for the pot of fromage frais...

...and wins!

Today Hannah really hasn't had all that much milk. She's been having expressed feeds from bottles for the past couple of days - on account of having bitten me and drawn blood, evil child. Which means I've been able to see exactly how much milk she's getting. Anyway, she had 150ml at her midafternoon feed, and only 100ml before she went to bed. Her morning feed (the only one she's still getting breastfed at for the moment) was shorter than normal, too, at only 6 minutes start to finish.

At this point I'm putting it down to the increasingly huge portions of solid food she's tucking away, but I'll be keeping an eye on things for the next few days to see what happens. Perhaps it's time to drop that midafternoon feed afterall?

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