Monday, 25 February 2008

Hoops a daisy!

Hannah woke up as normal today, but within an hour of getting up was yawning her head off, so after I fed her and got her dressed she went straight back to bed with no breakfast.

We went out to playgroup, and she had a breakfast of sorts while we were out and about, as well as her lunch. Between the two meals she ate a nectarine, some apple flavoured rice cakes, a few grapes, a breadstick, and a pack of saucy tomato organix crisps. Oh, and a gingerbread man too. She also drank most of her sippy cup full of water.

For dinner, we were back at home and I thought Hannah might be particularly hungry after the mixed meals earlier. So she had two slices of toast, covered with spaghetti hoops served up, and ate the lot! Yes, the entire half-size tin (at least all of it that didn't get splattered round the dining room...).

We have a photo of her just starting out on her meal:

And one part way through, she's decided that she definitely likes them:

And here she is trying to reach the plate to help herself to some more:

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