Sunday, 17 February 2008

Quiet Sunday

Breakfast today was back to shredded wheats, Hannah ate a reasonable amount of them as normal.
For lunch we offered her some potato cakes, noughts and crosses crisps, and peas followed by a banana. The potato cakes were mashed potato mixed with a bit of grated cheese, formed into little cakes and fried gently so the outside is golden brown - which makes the mash not squish quite so much in Hannah's hands. She initially wasn't very interested in the peas, until Neil cunningly took some off her plate and ate them. This made Hannah immediately pounce on her own peas and eat some, but she couldn't really pick many up at once, so she got bored of them fairly quickly. The banana didn't get much attention either, she only managed around a quarter of it before giving up.

Dinner was a slice of cheese on toast cut into triangles, a slice of melon, halved cherry tomatoes, plus two gingernut biscuits. The triangles of cheese on toast were good, she seemed to like the fact that there was only one side with crust on. She devoured the gingernuts, somewhat unexpectedly as Neil wasn't sure she'd like them because of the strong ginger flavour. In fact she liked them better than the melon, which only got half eaten.

I didn't get a photo of her today, because Neil did her meals, so here's a random pic of her in her new dress sent down by Grandma:

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