Thursday, 7 February 2008

Daily schedules

A couple of people have been asking me what kind of schedule we follow during the day with Hannah's feeds and things, so I'll try and explain it below.

First though, a run through of today's food. Breakfast was shredded wheat bitesize, another huge portion of them that almost all got eaten. For lunch Hannah had an omelette with mushrooms and cheese, followed by some tinned fruit cocktail. The fruit cocktail went down much better than last time we tried it, and she was easily able to deal with the pieces although they're actually quite small. For dinner she just had a cream cheese sandwich and some more fruit cocktail.

The daily routine works like this:
7.30am - Hannah gets up and has a breastfeed before getting dressed
8.30am - solid breakfast, usually takes about 20 minutes
9.00am - naptime! Length anything from 30mins to 2 hours
11.00am - Hannah gets up from her first nap and comes downstairs to play
12.00 - solid lunch, usually takes about 30 minutes
1.00pm - naptime again, normally about 90 minutes
3pm - milk feed, if expressed then about 200ml
4.30pm - naptime again, usually only 30 minutes at this one unless she's had a short nap earlier in the day
5.30pm - solid dinner, usually takes 20-30 minutes as she's getting tired by now
6.15pm - bedtime routine starts - milk feed, brush teeth, nappy, sleeping bag etc and settle down to quiet play - we cuddle and sometimes watch In the Night Garden or read a bedtime story.
7.00pm - Upstairs and in to bed, she normally settles very well and that's it until morning.

We don't always stick strictly to nap times - for example if we're off out then I'll get her up early and she seems to make up for it later in the day. At the moment I try to make sure she goes for a nap every 2 to 2 1/2 hours so she doesn't get grumpy and overtired. If that does happen it has a huge knock-on effect on her eating - she mostly wants milk not solids, which puts her to sleep.

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