Thursday, 14 February 2008

Twodays Meals...

Not much new to report chez nous, so this should be fairly quick. Breakfast both yesterday and today was shredded wheat bitesize, and Hannah made impressive inroads into a substantial portion of them. I think she's made like easter eggs and entirely hollow on the inside.

Lunch yesterday was pesto tortelloni in tomato sauce and a slice of melon, while today was a cream cheese and avocado sandwich, an organix gingerbread man, and half a dozen cherry tomatoes. Wednesday's pasta wasn't very popular, although she ate all of the melon on offer, and after her nap tried to nick my cheese on toast off my plate - I ended up sharing it with her, she ate about half a slice of it. Today the cherry tomatoes went down a storm. The gingerbread man was more of a snack to keep Hannah quiet and happy while I was sorting out the rest of the meal, and served as a starter more than anything else.

For dinner, yesterday Hannah ate a slice of beans on toast and about half a banana. Today she had a baked sweet potato with the insides scooped out and mixed with cream cheese before being replaced, followed by a slice of malt loaf.

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