Monday, 11 February 2008

Yet another cold, argh

Well Hannah has got *another* stinking cold, and decided it was time to get up for the day at 4.30am today. So excuse me if I'm not that coherent!

Breakfast today was two slices of toast with raspberry jam, as I'll be limiting her dairy intake for a few days while we ride out this cold. She enjoyed the change and ate a fair amount of the toast.

Lunch was a banana, an organix flapjack, a fromage frais and some organix crispy rings. She ate very little of it though - perhaps a quarter of the banana, two of the crispy rings, and only a third of the fromage frais, which is not at all like Hannah. She did manage most of the flapjack though, along with a bit of water out of her sippy cup.

For dinner I gave her the rest of the crispy rings, a corn thin with blitzed avocado spread on it, and the rest of lunchtime's fromage frais - which she did finish this time. She also drank a lot of water, and nearly brained the cat by chucking her sippy cup over the side of the high chair tray. I don't think the cat will choose to sit there waiting for scraps again!

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