Sunday, 10 February 2008

Water Baby

Today's meals were at funny times, since we took Hannah swimming for the first time when she'd normally have been eating her lunch. She loved swimming, and wasn't bothered about lunch (I breastfed her instead).

So breakfast was shredded wheat bitesize, while lunch when it eventually turned up was a corn thin with humus, another with cream cheese, and two slices of melon. There were also some organix corn crisp rings. She really liked those, and every time she picked them up with her thumb in the middle of the ring, and nibbled away at the edges until she broke through.

Dinner was vegeballs in tomato and basil sauce, followed by a rusk and a banana. Hannah seemed to get a bit bored of the meatballs after a little while, but briefly went back to them after eating some of the banana and rusk.

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