Saturday, 8 December 2007

Better late than never!

Not much to report apart from the fact that Hannah seems to like slightly spicy food, and only had two naps today for the first time.

Breakfast was cheerios, lunch was rice cakes with lentil pate and sweet potato mash, emmental cheese fingers, half an avocado and a slice of melon. Dinner was mezze lune arrabiata pasta things, with a version of tomato and mascarpone sauce on them.

I was surprised that Hannah went for the pasta, as there was a little kick to it and I thought she might find it too spicy, but she enjoys proving me wrong :oD The tomato and mascarpone sauce was a very quick homemade (improvised) version, which was a couple of teaspoons of mascarpone cheese, a squirt of tomato puree, and a little milk to mix it all with. Worked like a charm, although it wasn't very authentic!

Here's a pic of Hannah enjoying her pasta:

And here's a completely gratuitous pic that I'm uploading just because she looks cute in her fleece with ears (tm):

See you tomorrow...

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Laura McIntyre said...

She is adorable, i love seing pictures of her. Both my girls seemed to be ok with spicy stuff, just watch for them getting it in there eyes