Thursday, 13 December 2007

Hannah's first party food

Today Hannah went to her first ever Christmas party, at our local playgroup. She met Santa, who gave her a present, and joined in with the party food on offer. So for lunch she ate (or at least tried) some wotsits, some other crisps - I don't know what they were - a small cheese and onion roll, a bit of veggie sausage, a small sandwich with the crust cut off - again I don't know what was in it - and a chocolate cornflake biscuit. Oh, and a bit of my mince pie too! She got in quite a mess, but did enjoy herself.

I caught her first ever taste of chocolate on camera, too - note that she seems to be leaning forward to fit more of it in her mouth,,,

Breakfast was, of course, cheerios. We were in a rush to get to the party, and they are relatively mess-free, quick and easy to serve, and generally fab. I have noticed the lightest coloured ones (I think they're rice?) go soggy very quickly, so have taken to splashing on a bit of milk then draining it off into the sink so the cereal isn't sat in the milk while Hannah's eating. I think it helps a bit, but they still go soggy.

Tea was some broccoli and parsnip with an oatcake, followed by some melon. I thought we should make some attempt to have healthy food today, despite the earliuer goings on! She basically ignored the broccoli again, but ate some of the parsnip and most of the oatcake. The melon mostly disappeared too - it was chunks of pre-prepared melon today, which I picked up while we were out earlier, as I thought we'd be pushed for time. Not having the rind on made it more difficult to pick up, but she battled on and managed pretty well anyway. It included different melon, too, there was green melon, orange melon, and watermelon, and all was well received.

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