Friday, 14 December 2007

Out to lunch again

We were out to lunch again today, this time visiting friends. So after her breakfast of cheerios, Hannah ate a biscuit when we arrived (a rusk type thing, not sure exactly what it was), then a plain rice cake, a breadstick, and half a pear. She did really well with the pear, and ate all of it - I felt rather guilty for having eaten the other half before she finished!

For tea she had beans on toast, the first time she's tried that combination, and got on surprisingly well. I did just one slice of toast, buttered and cut into six pieces, with abotu 1/3 of a small tin of beans on it. Judging by the "num num" noises she was making, she liked it. She didn't eat much of the toast, but the bean juice had soaked into it quite well so she did give it ore attention than normal. She managed to pincer grip the beans too, and is becoming very delicate picking things up, using just the tips of her fingers and thumbs.

I meant to mention a few days ago that we've decided to use the Baby Whisperer method of eliminating the "dream" feed, and have slowly been cutting down on the amount of milk she's offered. Last night it dropped to 5oz, having started at 7oz, and tomorrow night it'll go down again to 4oz. So far so good, but we'll see what happens when we try dropping it completely.

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