Thursday, 6 December 2007

Mashed banana more popular than melon shocker

Considering the upheavals of the day, Hannah's done really well today. For breakfast she had a very rushed two slices of toast, half a slice had marmite on and the other slice and a half had blackcurrant jam on. Obviously she sucked off the topping and left the toast again it's like she hasn't figured out that toast is actuallly food too, not just a way of getting jam to the table.

After we got back from playgroup and the doctors (no sign of an ear infection, hurrah! She's just tugging at her ears to wind me up...) Hannah had a swift lunch before her very overdue nap. She ate a rice cake with lentil pate, a breadstick, some red leicester cheese sticks, there might have been something else as well but I;ve forgotton, sorry!

Tea is the only more or less normall meal that today has seen, Hannah ate another rice cake, this time with mashed banana spread on it, half a slice of melon, and a rusk. She really went for the rice cake and banana today, and ignored the melon until it had all gone. A real change from normal, she's generally a big fan of melon.

Hannah is continuing to cut down on her milk feeds, too. Last night for the first time ever she failed to finish the 200mls of expressed milk she normally has before bed. And as normal she left some of her final feed (the 10.30ish one) again too. Combined with ever-shorter breastfeeds, I wonder how long it will be until she completely drops one of them. She doesn't really ask for them as it is, I just offer at regular times and leave it up to her to decide how much to have. The morning BF is the only one that's still "normal", whatever that might mean!

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