Monday, 31 December 2007

It's all gone pear shaped

Oh dear, today really hasn't been up to much. Hannah woke up just before 4am today, eventually drifting back off after some medised at about 5.30am. She managed her normal breastfeed and solid breakfast (yes, cheerios) OK and ate quite a bit, but after that it all went wrong.

Her feeds have been minimal, she's been unsettled and quite fractious, and she hasn't slept much either. She ignored the vegetable omelette I made for her at lunch, ate about half of the rusk, and threw her sippy cup on the floor. She did nick a bit of my white chocolate Thornton's snowman, though, little monkey. And liked it very much indeed!

I ended up giving her a bottle this afternoon as she was refusing to nurse, she did have a fair amount from that, and had her usual pre-bed bottle as normal. But she wasn't interested in any solid food, and had a dose of Calpol at 2pm, then Medised before bed.

I'm hoping that it's a combination of teething pain (definite bumps on her top gum have appeared) and the tail end of this cold she's had for weeks, rather than anything more serious. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be back to her usual sunny self, but today has been a bit of a write off really.

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