Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Happy New Year from all of us! Hannah saw in the New Year as it turned out, she woke up at about 11.30pm and seemed to be hungry, so we fed her, changed her, and by the time she was heading back to bed it had just gone midnight :o)

So anyway, onto food on 1 January 2008...Breakfast was the usual Cheerios but in formula milk due to a sudden lack of full fat cow juice.

For lunch she has 2 small slices of quiche and a cream cheese sandwich. Half the sandwich also had raspberry jam in, which seemed to go down well. It's only the second time she's tried untoasted sliced bread, I've been quite wary of it as I was told that the texture made it more difficult for babies to cope with than, for example, toast. But not only did Hannah cope admirably with it, she even ate a fair amount too! So unlike toast, sandwiches aren't considered mere disposable plates - hurrah! She also ate about 10 grapes cut in half, by chewing out the insides and leaving the skin.

We were out at tea time, visiting family, and Hannah ate some firsts - half an onion bhajee and some vegetable samosa. The samosa had a bit of a kick to it, but Hannah seemed to quite like it (it made me have a swift drink of something cool, apparently I'm a wuss!). She also had more grapes, a bit of carrot and a bit of parsnip.

Later on she shared tea and biscuits with Neil. She didn't have any tea, but had a couple of small chocolate biscuits that she liked. I'm noticing rather too much chocolate creeping into her diet though, but we've about eaten all our festive chocs and don't have any more family visits or days out planned just yet, so hopefully we can reign in the young chocoholic...

She's definitely starting to drop one or two breastfeeds, it's more often than not that the daytime feeds are either one side only, or very short. Morning and evening feeds are as normal, so I'll just keep an eye on things and try to make sure she's still getting enough milk - using formula or expressed milk on her cereal may become a standard thing.

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