Monday, 21 January 2008

A funny old day

Hannah only managed two meals today, we've been so busy chasing around that we didn't have time to fit a third in. She also had all of half an hour's nap all day, so was in danger of falling asleep in her roast dinner this evening.

Breakfast today was a reappearance of shredded wheat fruitful. I gave her quite a bit, about 20 or so of the little shredded wheats, and she ate the lot in short order! Even when I took her out of the high chair and cleaned it up there were no leftovers in evidence.

Lunch just wasn't, although she had an extra feed instead. And dinner was a roast, which Neil and I ate last night and Hannah had today. She loved the roasties (sensible girl), and also ate the carrot fairly eagerly. Parsnip she wasn't so fussed about though. It's not the first time she's ignored or virtually ignored parsnip, it definitely seems like she's showing a preference for not bothering eating it. She also ate a banana for pudding, the first time I've given her a whole peeled banana without cutting it in half or anything. She managed fine with it, and scoffed the lot with no leftovers again.

She's still sniffling too, although not so badly as at the weekend - although that could just be wishful thinking. It does make her quite unsettled though, and I'm not sure whether her napping variations and so on are down to that or the fact that she's rapidly getting bigger and doesn't need so much daytime sleep. I suppose time will tell...

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