Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sniffles again :o(

Well, as of lunchtime today, Hannah has the sniffles again. She's been sniffle free for all of a week or so, it's just not on frankly. Anyway we battle on regardless, and good old medised helps.
So breakfast today was cheerios, presided over by Neil (I stayed in bed a bit longer :o) ). He tells me that Hannah ate loads, even the ones that were turned up during the clean up caught in her bib or on the high chair.

Lunch was pasta with mushrooms and a creamy tomato sauce, which we all ate, plus half a pear that was left from the tin of them I opened the other day. Hannah's pasta had a veggie lincolnshire sausage cut up in it too, as we'd saved it for her out of our dinner last night. She ate loads again, and seemed to find the pasta spirals very interesting at least in terms of texture. She got on lots better with the spirals than she did with the pasta tubes, which is what she's eaten before. I did have to fish a bit of the mushroom out of her ear at one point, she was diligent in smearing herself with the sauce, as you can see:

For dinner she just had a slice of cheese on toast and a clementine. She didn't really go for the clementine much, but did very well with the cheese on toast. For the first time we saw her actually bite small pieces of toast off and chew them - she didn't even spit all of them back out again! She definitely seems to like more flavoured cheeses too, today's was cathedral city.

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