Friday, 25 January 2008

Catching up (again)

I don't seem to have stopped to draw breath yet this week, which is why my blogging has had rather shoddy timekeeping. Hopefully we'll get back on track in the near future :o)

On Wednesday Hannah had half shredded wheat bitesize, half cheerios for breakfast, yesterday she ate cheerios alone. Both went down well, she seems to be eating ever increasing amounts of whatever we give her.

Lunches have been scrambled egg on toast yesterday, as we were out in Orpington. She liked the toast, but didn't eat the egg at all really - frankly it tasted rather insipid so I don't blame her! On Wednesday she had half an apple mullerrice, a corn thin with cream cheese, and some other bits and pieces that I've now forgotton - perhaps I should get a little notebook or something to record this stuff in!

Dinners have been beans on toast yesterday, with the other half of her mullerrice from Wednesday, and, erm, a rapidly failing memory on Wednesday. That notebook does look like a good idea. I remember that I offered her a bit of a lychee, which she did actually quite like, but have no idea what else she ate.

Sorry for the poor reporting, I think my school report would say "should do better",

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