Monday, 28 January 2008

Update on bibs, milk feeds, and meals

It was shredded wheat bitesize for breakfast again today, and I've remembered why I was such a fan of cheerios to begin with. They're much, much tidier than anything else we've tried! Shredded wheat has the unfortunate ability to set like concrete once discarded, so if I miss a bit during the post-meal clean up, I regret it later. And yes, Hannah did manage to discard a fair amount of the cereal during the meal although she did eat a fair amount too.

Post-playgroup lunch was a vegetable casserole, with carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, potato, onion and leek in. And it came with a dumpling, too, which Hannah took one bite of then threw on the floor. Oh well, I liked them anyway! She didn't eat very much at all, as our timetable was a bit out and she should really have been napping, not eating.

Dinner was a cream cheese and raspberry jam sandwich, and a banana. Apparently Hannah doesn't want curly hair, she consistently refuses to eat the crusts on her bread. She did diligently lick all the cream cheese and jam off before discarding them, though.

Over the past few days she's dropped one of her four milk feeds, too. I still feed her first thing in the morning, but I decided to wait until she actually "asked" for the mid-morning feed (by screaming, naturally!). Except she never asked for it. So I served her lunch as normal at around noon, she happily ate that and went for her post-prandial snooze. That's been the case for the past three days, so I can't really see that feed being reinstated. To be honest she probably could do without the mid-afternoon feed, too, as she never asks for that one until she notices me getting ready for it - but I'm not quite ready to test that just yet... :o)

Oh, and before I forget (again), an update on our BLW equipment. Hannah, it turns out, is hard on bibs, and she's worn out the first two "painting apron" bibs we got from the ELC. Over time, the plastic they were made of hardened and became brittle, and eventually split. So she's now sporting a variety of long sleeved bibs from Matalan and Mothercare. Two of them are Christmas themed, but we figure she's too young yet to realise that it's not Christmas any more! These bibs are fabric rather than plastic, and while they won't go brittle and crack, they also need washing VERY regularly. At most they last for two meals before going in the washer. So not as convenient from my point of view in terms of keeping them clean, but they still do a good job, although the branches on the one shaped like a Christmas tree can be a bit impractical!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ive been reading your blog foor months now, almost from the begining!!

You seem 2 have set breastfeeding times i just wonderd how you did that and how old was Hannah when you did?



Cate said...

Hi Helena,

Thanks! Good to know people are reading :o) We followed the Baby Whisperer "EASY" routine since Hannah was about 3 months old. It's not a routine as such, more a rhythm to the day so things always happen in teh same order - eat, activity, sleep, "you" (the carer).

I still feed on demand, if necessary, and we're pretty flexible on nap times etc, but since she was 4 months old Hannah's been on a (more or less) 4 hour cycle, so feeds at roughly the same times each day: 7am, 11am, 3pm, and 6.30pm. We've actually dropped the 11am feed in the past week, now that the weaning is more established.

Don't know if that helps?


Anonymous said...

That is a great help, thank you very much.

P.S well done on the blogg it's given me some great ides for when we start in 4 weeks