Wednesday, 23 January 2008

No, I'm not starving her...

To all concerned aunties and suchlike, just because I didn't get round to updating this yesterday doesn't mean that Hannah's had nothing to eat since Monday. Yes, Jo, I mean you.

So now that that's sorted, we can get down to business. Hannah had a bowl of shredded wheat fruitful for breakfast, with not much fruit in it (I think we've already eaten it all), and got on very well with them again. She seems to find them less frustrating that cheerios, presumably because she gets a bigger mouthful of food for the same effort. It must be annoying only being able to eat cheerios one at a time, they're so small you'd burn off about as many calories getting them to your mouth as you'd get from eating them!

Lunch was roast potatoes, carrot and parsnip again, and the conclusion on parsnip is definitely a "not fussed", whereas roast potatoes almost all got eaten, crunchy bits and all. She had a banana for pudding and again ate all of it, managing very well with the whole fruit all at once. So I think our days of cutting up banana are definitely over.

Tea was more of a snack-y meal, being a slice of toast with cream cheese spread on it, half an apple flavoured mullerrice, half a fresh apricot, and some seedless grapes. I should have known better than to buy fresh apricots at this time of year, Hannah pulled a face when she tried it, so I ate half of it and it was horrible! Really sour and nasty. So unsurprisingly she didn't really eat much of that at all. The grapes were hit and miss, Hannah was getting quite tired by the time we got round to those, and while she ate some of them, others were basically ignored. The toast, like always, she sucked the topping off and left most of - although we are making progress, a little of the bread did go down.

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