Sunday, 13 January 2008

What a Falafel

Not a bad day today, all things considered. Teeth definitely not a problem any more (well, for the moment at least), so Hannah's been scoffing whatever we've put in front of her. So for breakfast there was a great big bowl of cheerios, with about 1/2 oz of formula on as the full fat milk has gone off (oops).

Lunch was two corn cakes with cream cheese and lentil pate on, a few chickpeas, some cucumber sticks, and some halved cherry tomatoes. Oh, and a breadstick. She wasn't all that interested in the cucumber, sucked the insides out of the tomato but left the flesh, sucked all the pate and cream cheese off the corn thins, and went for the chickpeas in a big way. The chickpeas she picked up, placed in her mouth, mushed around a bit then spat out the skin. I never realised that chickpeas had what you might call a skin, but Hannah certainly thought there was, and she wasn't having any of it thank you very much.

For tea, I made her some falafel. The recipe was from Carol Timperley's Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes, and worked pretty well although I found the pre-cooked texture rather runny so bunged in a bit of plain flour to stiffen it up. They tasted fab though, and I served them in halved toasted pitta bread with a yogurt, cucumber and mint dressing. In fact we all ate them - here's a pic of Neil and Hannah tucking in, as proof!:

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