Saturday, 5 January 2008

Cauli Cheese Rejection

Strange day all told. Breakfast was good, as it usually is - in fact Hannah was desperately trying to find additional cheerios to eat towards the end of the meal:

Lunch was a toasted pitta bread filled with grated cheese melted in, and a yog-fruit digestive. She did remarkably well with the pitta bread, and even ate a bit of the bread. Mostly, of course, she sucked the cheese out of the middle and discarded the bread wrapping. Hannah really liked the digestive, and I ended up giving her another half of one after she'd scoffed the first lot. I thought it might be a bit too crumbly for her to manage very well, but the yogurt topping kind of held it all together, which was useful.

I made her some cauliflower cheese for tea, but she didn't eat any of it, I'm not even sure that any of it made it into her mouth for a taste. She missed her late afternoon nap, and generally seemed to be a bit out of sorts, spending over an hour either grizzling or yelling. When I put her in the high chair she swiped the cauliflower cheese off the tray and just banged her fists on the tray until I took her back into the living room a few minutes later. She settled down OK at bedtime, and didn't wake for a dream feed, so I can only assume that she wasn't especially hungry yesterday.

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