Saturday, 12 January 2008

New tastes with new teeth

Yesterday (Friday) turned out to be a bit strange in terms of weaning. Breakfast was, as usual, fine and plenty of cheerios went down the hatch. But later, Hannah woke rather early from her morning nap, and seemed a bit fractious.

Her lunch was a spinach and ricotta sausage, served with some steamed carrot and parsnip. However she ate precisely none of it - possibly a minute amount of the sausage got eaten, but most of it was left on the plate/tray/floor. She wasn't interested in her sippy cup, didn't really want a breastfeed, although she did crawl over to my glider chair and chew on the wooden glider bits that go across the width of it. Perhaps that should have been my clue? When I had a quick feel in her mouth, having eliminated all other suspects, I discovered a new tooth at the top! Not one of the middle ones, but the next ones out. And by the time Neil got home from work, it had a friend, so Hannah now has four teeth, that don't meet up - oh well! Hopefully the two middle top ones will turn up soon.

I guess the teeth errupting made the different to her appetite, as by tea time she seemed ravenous, and put away an entire portion of quorn korma, bar a bit of sauce that she couldn't really pick up. The korma had sliced onions, sultanas and chick peas in as well as a quorn fillet (or most of one, I think there was only about 2/3 of it in there). So a significant quantity of food to end the day with.
Oh, and the other new taste she tried was chicken flavour cat biscuits. Hmm. I caught her red-handed while I was getting her breakfast ready in the kitchen. Having left her on the living room rug, I peeked round the door to see what she was up to and found she'd crawled over to the cats bowls and was helping herself to the Whiskas biscuits. I guess she just couldn't wait... :o)

We've moved the cat food out of the living room now, by the way.


Laura McIntyre said...

Congrats on the new tooth, those sausages sound yum do you make them yourself?

Cate said...

I don't make them myself, although it'd be fairly easy to I think. These came from Tesco, freezer section, and are their own "meatfree" range.

Now you've got me thinking, maybe I'll search out a recipe and have a go at making some, they should keep in the freezer OK and would be useful to have on hand!